Choosing the Right Gym Station

Gym stations can be used to work one or more muscle groups for aesthetic purposes, to improve physical performance, or for physical rehabilitation. They are also called weight training stations or weight machines.

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  • What are the main criteria for choosing a gym station?

    There are several factors to take into account when buying weight training equipment, such as the space available to install it, whether the equipment includes weights (weight stack or removable free weights), its cost, accessories, and maximum load.

    • Available space: Before choosing a specific model, you should measure the height, width, and length of the space available for the gym station.
    • Cost/Warranty/Delivery options: In addition to the price, the choice of brand, and the delivery options offered by the seller, the equipment’s warranty must also be considered. In particular, it is important to check the warranty period for the frame, cables, and upholstery.
    • Types of exercises: Weight training equipment can be used to perform one or more types of exercise, for example, leg presses, lat pulldowns, leg curls, leg extensions, chest presses, shoulder presses, abdominal crunches, back extensions, leg abductions, etc. When choosing a weight training station, ensure it allows you to exercise the main muscle groups you want.
    • Adjustable elements/Comfort/Ease of use: The station must be adjustable, particularly the seat height and the length of the handgrips, to adapt to each user.
    • Accessories: Gym stations can come with various accessories that extend the number of possible exercises or their intensity.
    • Weight stack machines or free weights: The user uses a pin to set the weight they want to lift with weight stack machines.
    • Maximum load: It is important to check the maximum load of the weight training machine you are considering buying, as these machines are generally designed for exercises with medium loads.
    Inclined leg press HUR

    HUR inclined leg press

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of weight machines?

    Weight machines offer several advantages over free weights, starting with their ease of use and the fact that they can be used without help from others. This can be an important asset, especially for beginners. However, these machines don’t allow you to perform as wide a variety of movements for each muscle group. Here we list the main advantages and disadvantages of gym stations compared to free weights.


    • Ease of use: Most of these machines are very easy to use and many include explanatory photos of the basic exercises.
    • Autonomy: The user can lift weights without the help of another person, without risking injury.
    • Controlled movements: The machine will guide the user’s movements, ensuring they perform them correctly, which reduces the risk of injury.
    • Greater safety: Once the weights are correctly installed, there is no danger of them falling on the user, which limits the risk of accidents.
    • Ideal for beginners: Machines are assembled and ready to use safely. Unlike exercises performed with free weights on weight benches, these machines guide and control the user’s movements, reducing the risk of injury.


    • Less variety of movements: With a weight machine, you can’t perform as many different movements per muscle group as with barbells or dumbbells, for example. As the exercises are often not very varied, they can become boring.
    • Price: A gym station is a much more significant investment than buying a bench and free weights.
    • Space required: A gym station takes up space, especially if you want to set it up at home, while a bench, kettlebells, and dumbbells are smaller and easier to store.
    • Only suitable for people of average build: Weight training machines are designed for people of average height and weight. If the user is taller or shorter than average, they may have difficulty finding a comfortable position.
    Chest press with Matrix Fitness weight tower

    Matrix Fitness weight stack vertical chest press

  • Weight stack machine or machine with free weights?

    There are advantages to using weight stacks rather than machines with free weights, such as easy weight selection, saved time, and greater safety.

    • Easy load selection: The user can change the weight for each exercise without getting up from the machine. Simply change the position of the pin on the weight stack.
    • Saved time: Weights are all installed on the machine, so the user doesn’t waste time removing or adding weights between each exercise. This way, you can also train continuously, moving from one exercise to the next without a break.
    • Greater safety: The user does not need to carry weights between the stand and the machine, nor do they need to add or remove them every time they want to change the weight. This means they don’t risk injuring themselves by carrying too much weight or carrying it incorrectly.

    However, there are also advantages to using gym stations with free weights over weight stack machines, such as the possibility of more personalized workouts and a higher maximum load.

    • Personalized workouts: More versatile, these machines make it possible to carry out workouts better adapted to each person’s needs. By combining different-sized weights (starting at half a kilo), the user can more precisely define the weight they want to work with. These gym stations give you greater freedom to choose your weight.
    • Higher maximum load: Machines with removable weights generally have a higher maximum weight than weight stack machines. They are therefore ideal for users who want to lift heavier weights.
    Technogym chest press with washers

    Technogym vertical chest press with free weights

  • What are the characteristics of rehabilitation machines?

    The main features of weight training equipment used for the physical rehabilitation of patients are accessibility, safety, weight support, and belts.

    • Accessibility: The machine must be easily accessible for people with reduced mobility, including wheelchairs.
    • Safety: Many of the machines used in physiotherapy have an emergency stop button, so you can stop training at any time.
    • Weight supports and belts: Partial or total body weight supports and belts prevent the risk of falls and help maintain proper posture during exercise.
    Proxomed abdominal crunch machine

    Proxomed abdominal crunch machine

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